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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Lions Wrestling

  • Developmental League
    The Lions Wrestling Club is a member of the NVWF (Northern Virginia Wrestling Federation). This is a developmental league where the emphasis is on learning fundamental skills while competing against wrestlers of the same age and experience level. 
  • Practice Locations
    We practice primarily at McLean and Marshall High Schools. We generally split up practices between older and younger wrestlers, though we try to be flexible to meet families' scheduling issues when we can. We practice when rooms are available to us, so the schedule can be a little irregular, but practices are usually twice a week in the evenings beginning at 7:00 or 7:30 p.m.
  • No B Team
    NVWF clubs have no "B team". Your child will always have the opportunity to wrestle in matches unless there are no opponents of his or her weight.
  • Weight Loss
    NVWF and the Lions do NOT advocate weight loss to "make weight" as part of our sport. 
  • First Year Wrestlers
    In most cases, first year wrestlers will only wrestle other first year wrestlers in matches.
  • Opponents
    Wrestlers will only wrestle matches against opponents of roughly their own weight. 
  • Gear
    The only equipment required is wrestling shoes and headgear. If your wrestler has braces, he or she will also need a mouthguard for practices and tournaments. 
  • Gear Exchange
    A gear exchange occurs at the first practice.
    New wrestlers are welcome to take gear even if they have none to contribute.
  • Age Groups
    There are five age groups as follows (approx ages): 
      Bantam 5 -   6  
      Midget 7 -   8  
      Junior 9 - 10  
      Intermediate 11 - 12  
      Senior 13 - 14  

    Exact dates for each age group cutoff will be announced closer to the start of the season. We will post the exact birthdates associated with each age group once we are advised of them.
  • Parent Volunteers
    We do need parents' help at the scoring tables. (It's fun and easy!) 
  • Practices
    Practices will occur twice weekly, usually at McLean and Marshall High Schools.
  • Wrestling Meets 
    Wrestling meets take place at local area high schools and are always on the weekend. 
    Wrestlers typically wrestle three matches in a meet.
  • Registration Fee
    Registration cost is $210. This is payable by credit card on this site at registration.  
  • Is Wrestling a Dangerous Sport?  Is it too intense for children? 
    Many misconceptions exist about the sport of wrestling. 
    Statistics show that wrestling is not dangerous compared to football, baseball, or even soccer.  Opponents are evenly matched, physical contact is expected and controlled, and there are a referee and two coaches closely monitoring every single match.
    Is it too intense?  Children have a great time wrestling - come to practice and see. It is the parents who sometimes make wrestling too intense.  Our club encourages a low-key approach.  Our goal is not to make kids world champs, but rather to build their confidence, get them in shape, and keep them interested three or four years from now.  Additionally, NVWF strictly enforces a code of conduct at all matches which governs both wrestler and parent behavior to make sure things do not get not "too intense."
    If you still have questions or concerns, please take the time to read the brief article below published by USA Wrestling, the governing body of the US Olympic Team. It is full of great information for both parents and wrestlers, and it is especially useful for those new to wrestling.  You can download it here.